The Klezmer Nutcracker

by Ellen Kushner and Shirim Klezmer Orchestra

Vital Theatre Company


The Klezmer Nutcracker Linda Ames Key  The Klezmer Nutcracker Linda Ames Key


The Klezmer Nutcracker Linda Ames Key

"But to my delight, the fresh, unembarrased naivete of director Linda Ames Key's production contained a theatrical innocence I love.  A dreidel spins miracles and dances in golden human form; a preening peacock spreads its feathers in a startling, magical image; two fleeing children jump up a step to convey jumping down; a cardboard cutout of a young girl travels on a carboard camel and falls off--and a real girl rolls onto the tiny stage.


Now, when Giorgio Strehler's legendary production of Shakespeare's The Tempest began with a storm of painted cardboard waves, the great director was hailed as a theatrical genius (which he surely was).  Strehler understood theater's essential playful innocence, and so does the gifted Ms. Key."


John Heilpern, The New York Observer, December 2008


The Klezmer Nutcracker Linda Ames Key