The Bully


Vital Theatre Company


  The Klezmer Nutcracker Linda Ames Key


THE BULLY LINDA AMES KEY"Considering its dire and all-too-real consequences, bullying ought to be on all our radars. What's great about Vital Theatre Company's musical , which debuted in 2005, is that it eschews easy dichotomies, focusing instead on the decidedly gray areas between bully and victim, onlooker and participant, in such a way that everyone in the audience learns a thing or two about it—and recognizes in himself the human tendency to indulge in behavior that can hurt others.


"Kept to a kid-perfect 60 minutes, the production's pacing and tone will appeal equally to younger kids, who will eat up the catchy music and humor, and their older counterparts, who are bound to connect to their fictional peers' plights with a compassion bred from experience. Once again, Vital triumphs with a production that speaks to kids on their own terms about a subject that really truly matters."


TimeOut New York Kids




the bully linda ames key"Recently, we went to see  The Bully, a hilarious, well-written and totally relevant musical for our household. To say that we loved the show, the characters, the music and the topic is an understatement. From the opening gym scene to the happy ending, The Bully was a joy. Of course, from the title, you obviously expect the show to be about a “Bully” but the play is so much more. What I thought were two  ”aha” teachable moments were that everyone can be a bully, even the nerd who gets picked on  and that bullies don’t have to be the biggest kid in school, they can look as demure as a little girl. My daughter, her friend and both us, parents all recommend the show  to any parent of a grade school kid. After the show, we had a great conversation about the show, the message and thinking differently about bullies. That said, I do think it is appropriate for pre-schoolers, they may not get the entire message but it still works to teach them to be nice and what is a bully."