Alison's House

by Susan Glaspell

The Mint Theatre Company


Alison's House Linda Ames Key the Mint"...PACKS A WALLOP"

Victor Gluck, Backstage Critcs' Picks


"There's much to admire in the play, in director Linda Ames Key's clear production, and above all in the spirit of the Mint."

Donald Lyons, New York Post


" excellent rendition of a play that has undeservedly been cast aside ... a splendid work of theater, one that speaks resonantly to use today as we approach the dawning of a new millenium."


"...the play jolts to life.  Its message suddenly seems timely, even inspiring."

Show Business


"Beautifully directed by Linda Ames Key, ALISON'S HOUSE is talky, old-fashioned and dated. It is also dramatic, engrossing and moving."

Victor Gluck, Backstage